One of our most entertaining and fun shows to date. Playlist is here…

Without doubt, last night was one of the most entertaining and fun shows to date. As well as some old, near forgotten ‘Classics’, it’s great to see that the new music I’m introducing to you is getting such a good reaction.

You seem to especially like the track we played from Swiss band Progstone. I’ll be interviewing the band very soon. They’re very keen on coming over to tour the UK. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks once again for tuning in to the show. I’m back behind the mic again next Thursday at 7pm

In the meantime, here’s what we played out. If you like it, buy it. If the group is gigging near you, go see ’em.

One last thing, do have a listen to the interviews we’ve done recently. John Wetton of Asia, Erik Norlander, The Brew, BlackWolf, Buffalo Summer, Scorpion Child, Heaven & Earth, Sandi Thom are all worth checking out.



The Classic Rock Show playlist April 10th 2014

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