INTERVIEW: @Bonafide’s Pontus Snibb talks to TCRS about ‘Wreck Of Blues’…

‘Wreck Of Blues’ is the latest solo album to be released by Bonafide’s Pontus Snibb. Recorded within three days with his father Håkan Nyberg on drums and taking care of business on the bass guitar is ex-Bonafide bass player and long-time friend, Micke Nilsson, the album has a very much stripped back and raw feel to it. Gentle and sometimes heavy nods towards blues alumni such as Peter Green, T-Bone Walker, Albert King can be heard.

On the day of its release, we spoke to Pontus Snibb who gave us, amongst other little snippets of information, a run down on how ‘Wreck Of Blues’ came about, how and where it was recorded and the blues guitarists that have influenced Pontus.


Here’s the interview:

You can download the album ‘Wreck Of Blues’ through iTunes here. Visit the official Pontus Snibb website

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