What’s it gonna take to tickle your fancy on Thursday’s show? We’ve got John McCoy joining us for starters! #ClassicRock

Hello mutants!

If you’ve been otherwise indisposed – perhaps you’re still drowning your sorrows after the Ashes whitewash – you may not have picked up on the news that John McCoy will be my studio guest this Thursday at 7pm. John is a bass player, record producer and former member of bands such as Gillan, Zzebra, Samson, Atomic Rooster, GMT and Mammoth to name but a few.

Three hours (it’ll quite probably end up being more!) of some rather splendid music will be played, of which some will be chosen by the man himself.

But it doesn’t end there; we’re opening the ‘Request-line’ again and if you’d like to be in with a chance of having something you’d like played on the radio, then there are a couple of ways of letting us know:

  1. Add a comment to this post
  2. Tweet your request @classicrockshow

The ‘Request-line’ will be open until 10pm (GMT) Monday, January 27.

Don’t forget also that we will be holding The Classic Rock Show ‘Roll Call’ during the show at 9pm (GMT). It’s your opportunity to say hello to John & I and we give you a shout-out in return. That’s as complicated as the show gets. Nothin’ fancy, just great music and a lorra, lorra laffs!

Looking forward to your company this Thursday at 7pm. Facebook event link here.

We’re both raring to go. Here’s what John has to say about it.



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