Part 2 of the John McCoy interview is now available via #mixcloud

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Part 2, the final part of the interview with John McCoy, is now available. We ended Part 1 on the subject of Gillan’s last gig at Wembley. If you haven’t heard Part 1 yet, you can do so by clicking this link here. It’s a great listen – it’s full of rock n roll history.

In Part 2, I began by asking John how this and previous experiences have come to shape his approach to the work he does in the studio when producing bands. The hugely popular Serbian band Riblja Čorba reached #1 with a John McCoy produced album, and John talks about the challenges working with non-English speaking musicians. He also talks about his association with Angel Air Records

It all makes, I hope, for an entertaining listen into the life of one of Britain’s most talented and recognisable musicians / record producers.

You can listen to Part 2 here.


John McCoy

Here’s ‘Part 1’ of the John McCoy interview

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I’ve been afforded some fabulous opportunities over the years, meeting members of bands that I grew up with, chatting to them about their lives ‘back in the day’ and what they’re up to nowadays. This was one of those opportunities which I’ll treasure forever.

John McCoy is a bass player, record producer and former member of bands such as Zzebra, Samson, Gillan, Mammoth and GMT to name but a few.

I met up with John McCoy recently over a pint of ale. Here’s ‘Part 1’ of the interview with John I recorded in a quiet little pub in Norfolk. John speaks of learning his trade with a variety of instruments through to his time with bands such as Zzebra, Samson and with Gillan, a hugely popular band which came to prominence during the NWOBHM era. He delivers an appraisal of his time with the band, the highs and the lows, describing just what it was like being at the centre of a band, leading up towards it’s untimely and rather abrupt end.

I hope you’ll find this an enjoyable listen.

Link: John McCoy interview (Part 1)

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Last night’s playlist now available!! #TCRS #ClassicRockShow

Thanks for tuning in last night. We welcomed in yet more listeners to the show and also into our Facebook Group where there was a huge amount of interaction and banter.

Here’s the playlist from last night. Really appreciate all the requests that came in during the week 🙂

Have a great weekend….oh, and do watch out for the big announcement being made very soon…I think you’re gonna like it!!



Playlist from 17th January 2013

Playlist from 17th January 2013