Exciting news to be announced at 1pm (GMT) tomorrow…and the #UKWeather ain’t gonna stop us from doing so!! ❄ ❄ ❄

As was trailed during last night’s show, we have some exciting news for you this weekend 🙂

All will be revealed at 1pm Saturday, 19th January, weather or not!!


Keep Calm It's Only Snow

Keep Calm It’s Only Snow

Last night’s playlist now available!! #TCRS #ClassicRockShow

Thanks for tuning in last night. We welcomed in yet more listeners to the show and also into our Facebook Group where there was a huge amount of interaction and banter.

Here’s the playlist from last night. Really appreciate all the requests that came in during the week 🙂

Have a great weekend….oh, and do watch out for the big announcement being made very soon…I think you’re gonna like it!!



Playlist from 17th January 2013

Playlist from 17th January 2013