Grog Rox from Die So Fluid talks about the new album, new videos, @AltFestival and a new way of working

Anyone who has seen Die So Fluid perform ‘live’, let alone heard their music, knows that the group are one of the most accomplished Alternative Rock acts around. Drew Richards (guitar), Al Fletcher (drums) and Grog Rox (bass and vocals) finally released their fourth album ‘The Opposites Of Light’.

Drew Richards, Grog Rox, Al Fletcher

Drew Richards, Grog Rox, Al Fletcher

There’s a greater depth and scope to the songwriting within the DSF camp than we’ve had before. The new recording techniques and practices employed on the album have pushed and developed the band both individually and collectively as musicians. This together with higher production values that are clearly evident on first-listening have, to my mind to my mind at least, made ‘The Opposites Of Light’ their best album to date. Audience reaction to the new songs that Die So Fluid performed here in the UK during their recent mini-tour have been positive to say the least.

We discussed the making of the album with Grog who went on to explain the reasons behind the time it took to release the album. We also talked about songwriting and the new ways of working since Grog now reside in the US, video shoots, as well as their appearance later this year at Alt-Fest.

Here’s the audio interview:-

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