The Classic Rock Show ‘Special’ – The Seventies – Part 3 of 5 “1974 & 1975” on 19th September. Not to be missed!!

‘The Classic Rock Show’ is back with another ‘Special’ featuring music from the Seventies.

We kicked off this series of shows with the years 1970 and 1971 – you can listen to Part 1 here >>>

Part 2 covered the years 1972 and 1973 – you can listen to Part 2 here >>>

Part 3 will focus on music from ’74 and ’75, years in which the events that grabbed the headlines included the Smallpox Epidemic in India, Tom Baker becomes the fifth Doctor Who, West Germany Wins 1974 World Cup, the UK in 1975 sees the price of petrol rise by almost 70%, Bill Gates and Paul Allen create the company Microsoft and UK Coal Miners receive a 35% pay rise.

Be sure to tune in to three hours of the very best music on Thursday, August 8th from 7pm BST on Big Rock 247

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