The ‘Cover Versions’ Special was a hit. Thank you! Here’s the playlist…and we could’ve played so much more!

Hi there

Hope you’re having a rockin’ weekend.

Thank you, once again, for making such an enormous contribution to the ‘Cover Versions’ Special we did on Thursday. It was wonderful to see all your comments, but above all, for sending in such great quality requests. As I’ve said time and time again…The Classic Rock Show is YOUR show and not a show that some corporate bod wants or thinks you want!

Here’s the playlist…

The Classic Rock Show 'Cover Versions' Special February 13th 2014

As you can see, we covered a lot of ground and judging by the feedback received during and after the broadcast, it was a success. Let’s do it again sometime…yeah?

Watch out for the ‘Request-line’ post on Sunday. We’ll have another stonkin’ show for you on the 20th!