NEWS: Due to the Severe Flood Warning in our area, tonight’s Bex Rocks show w/ @chili_bex has been cancelled.

Flood Alerts 5-12-2013

It’s with regret that Bex has had to pull out of tonight’s show. The local residents along the seafront in Felixstowe have been told to evacuate and the nearby homes are also at high risk of flooding. Hence why the show has been cancelled; Bex will be kept rather busy this evening.

A ‘Severe Flood Warning’ was issued earlier and we can only hope that should flooding occur, it is kept to an absolute minimum. Of course, it goes without saying that safety and the securing of property to upper floors, wherever possible, is of primary importance. 

You can still keep entertained by posting on our Facebook Group while still listening to Big Rock 247. You’ve done it before and I’m sure you’ll do it all again! 🙂

In the meantime, you keep on a rockin’ and we’ll see you all again next week safe and sound.



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