Chip Z’Nuff @ChipZnuff interview with MJ – May 11th 2013 #ChipZnuff #Chip #EnuffZnuff

Chip MJ Tory 11th May 2013 Ipswich, UK

Chip MJ Tory 11th May 2013 Ipswich, UK

Here’s the interview I did with Chip from Enuff Z’Nuff interview on the last night of their UK Tour 2013 – click here

It’s always a great pleasure to interview Chip, one of the true gentlemen in the music business. Amongst topics such as the recent MOR Cruise, the current UK tour, and the possibility of an album of covers, Chip’s shares his thoughts on the health of his close friend Steven Adler, who had only just announced his return to rehab.


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