Thursday’s show had it all…!!

There are Classic Rock Show’s and then there are Classic Rock Show’s…and Thursday night’s show proved to be one of those. I shan’t ever forget it in a hurry, that’s for sure. It had everything!! 😀

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, especially all our new listeners…hope to see you back next week!!

Here’s the link to the ‘live’ recording of the show – click here.

Just for your information, tracks 32 to 43 (see playlist below) were not part of the original playlist, but were done on the fly…just because we could and as we thought it’d add something to a rather special evening 😉

Look out for the ‘Request-Line’ which will be posted up tomorrow, Sunday 17th March, via Twitter and our Facebook Group.

Enjoy the weekend ahead…take care!!


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The Classic Rock Show playlist 14th March 2013

The Classic Rock Show playlist 14th March 2013