#NEWS Calling time on ‘The Classic Rock Show’ in 2016. But a brand new show is coming soon…

Presenting The Classic Rock Show in Studio 1 at Felixstowe Radio 107.5

It all began on local community radio at 9pm, Thursday 5th November 2009. ‘The Classic Rock Show’ gradually picked up listeners, becoming known as a show that listened to and interacted with its audience.

“The Classic Rock Show…MJ plays what you wanna hear” was its strapline, so to speak. The very best from the ‘Classic Rock’ archives; the well-known tunes, as well as some of the ‘Album’ tracks that can often find themselves being overlooked.

I was always looking to shake things up a little, so music from today’s rock bands was thrown into the mix, ever hopeful that a following from a different audience – the discerning ‘Classic Rock Show’ listener – could be gained.

cropped-wpid-img_20141127_121828.jpgI’m humbled by the reaction the show gets each and every week. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, in fact, I can only recall one time when a passing listener made public his distaste for what was being broadcast. However, and much to my surprise, a brand has developed and is recognised amongst industry circles by bands, tour managers, PR and fellow radio presenters, both commercial and independent.

The show has also seen friendships made and relationships blossom.

Six years and almost 300 shows later, it’s time to set myself a new challenge.

And so I can now announce that I’m calling ‘time’ on ‘The Classic Rock Show’. A new project that I’ve been working on will be launched soon.

The format will be somewhat different to what listeners to ‘The Classic Rock Show’ have been familiar with in recent years: Working closely with record labels and unsigned bands alike, a fresh sounding, brand new weekly show will begin broadcasting on a Thursday night in early 2016, date to be confirmed.

Mixcloud Profile1The ‘Real Rock Show’ will feature new music from across a multitude of rock genres:- Post-hardcore, Stoner, Blues, Sludge, Desert, Progressive, Alternative, Garage, Swamp, Heavy Metal, Modern, Death Metal, Gothic, Viking, Grindcore, Hardcore, Speed, Indie, Punk, Math, Industrial, to name but a few.

I accept that it won’t be to everyone’s taste given the audience I’ve built up over the years, but if, like me, you are open to hearing some of what today’s working bands are putting out there, then all I ask is that you please give us a listen.

Again, I reiterate what was said earlier, a date for the new show has yet to be confirmed, and ‘The Classic Rock Show’ continues for the time being. When we do come to our last ever show, I can assure you that it’ll be something rather special.

For Rock Music to be relevant in a world of fake, meaningless, auto-tuned pop, we must all show solidarity by supporting musicians whenever and wherever possible.

Music has and always will be a passion of mine, especially when it comes to seeking out exciting new and emerging rock bands. If, through this new show, I can make a contribution to helping bands realise their ambitions by putting their music out there to be listened to, thus encouraging people to buy their music, their merch or go to a gig, then it’s worth it.

The ‘Real Rock Show’ is something that I’m really excited about and I hope you will come and join me in the new year when we take our first step.



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