#TONIGHT On The Classic Rock Show from 7pm (BST) / 2pm (EDT) / 11am (PDT)

From 7pm tonight (BST) / 2pm (EDT) / 11am (PDT) ‘The Classic Rock Show’ fills three hours with some classic cuts from bands who released albums and singles from around this week ‘back in the day’.

Expect to hear from Skid Row, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Van Halen, Megadeth, Ratt, Marillion, Judas Priest and Ozzy.

TCRS tonight

Requests that we’ve picked come from the stables of Slash (x2), Budgie, Diamond Head, Volbeat, Status Quo, Five Finger Death Punch, Soundgarden, ZZ Top, Saga, Poison, Iron Maiden, to name a few.

New music is also included – Dan Patlansky, City Of Thieves, Butcher Babies and Lamb Of God.

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The Classic Rock Show ‘Christmas Party’ is all set to be a cracker!! Feast your mince pies on this…

santaHello and Seasons Greetings to you all!

I’m duty bound to empty my sack again this week, even more so ‘cos it’s Christmas 😉

The Classic Rock Show ‘Christmas Party’ is all set to be a cracker!! Feast your mince pies on this little lot…

Our playlist this week is made up of Magnum, Thin Lizzy, Gillan, Boston, .38 Special, Heart, Iron Butterfly, Humble Pie, Accept, Halestorm, Fall Out Boy, Ozzy, Poison, Bon Jovi, Heavy Pettin’, as well as a couple of dozen or so great sounding rock tracks, intermingled with some festive numbers to keep in the spirit of things.

Come and party with us this Thursday, 7pm – here. We’ll be the loud one’s wearing reindeer antlers, rocking out, generally misbehaving and drinking Jägerbombs.

Sound like a plan? Too right.



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#ClassicRock Show on at 7pm (UK time) 10/10. Get ready to rock!!

Hello dear friends.

Tomorrow night sees us all rocking out to your requests…and what a selection!! From bands such as UFO, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Fleetwood Mac, The Answer, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Vandenburg, Tyketto, Sixx A.M., Free, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin…and the list goes on and on.

The playlist is now pumped, primed and ready to go with some David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Thunder, Krokus, Bonafide, The Quireboys, Roy Buchanan added into the mix for good measure.

It’s all set to be a good’un.

Looking forward to your company from 7pm (UK time) this Thursday, 10/10.

Get ready to rock!!


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Last nights Classic Rock Show in full, here!! More music, less chat :)


These weeks are coming around so quickly it seems. Here’s yesterdays show via Mixcloud – click here

Had a great time with you all last night…the contributions from all of you, both on our Facebook group during the show and the requests, were all very much appreciated. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week.



The Classic Rock Show playlist July 18th 2013



Here’s the playlist from last night’s 4-hour show and what a belter it was!!

Hello everybody

Last night’s show proved one of the most enjoyable in recent weeks; as well as playing around 31 requests (44 tracks were played in total), there was a huuuuge amount of interaction in our Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/theclassicrockshow and to top it all, we welcomed in six new listeners!!

I’ll soon be uploading the show recording onto Mixcloud, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great weekend….and I’ll catch up with you soon!


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Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/theclassicrockshow
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The Classic Rock Show playlist for 28th February 2013

The Classic Rock Show playlist for 28th February 2013