Uriah Heep’s Bernie Shaw talks about Brazil, footie, touring and the new album Outsider

Uriah Heep, one of the pivotal hard rock groups to emerge from England in the late 1960s, return with ‘Outsider’, the band’s 24th studio album and the first since 2011’s critically acclaimed ‘Into The Wild’.

Formed in London in 1969 by guitarist Mick Box and late singer David Byron as ‘Spice’, the group evolved into Uriah Heep (the name was taken from a character in the Charles Dickens novel ‘David Copperfield’) when they began conceptualising their first record. The album, ‘Very ‘eavy, Very ‘umble’, launched the band’s distinct sound in 1970, one that was built around layered harmony vocals, swirling keyboards, and heavy guitar riffs. Current lead singer Bernie Shaw and keyboardist Phil Lanzon have been ever present since the mid 1980s, while drummer Russell Gilbrook joined in 2007. Mick Box has remained a constant presence throughout.

From the opening chords of the album’s hard driving rocker, ‘Speed of Sound’, to the more introspective closer, ‘Say Goodbye’‘Outsider’ proves that Uriah Heep has remained a musical powerhouse, and one that can effectively balance its legendary sound with a distinctly contemporary approach. The record, which was produced by Mike Paxman (Asia, Status Quo), also introduces bassist Dave Rimmer, who joined the band in the summer of 2013 following the untimely death of long time member Trevor Bolder.

When we played ‘One Minute’ the other week, it got a terrific response. We’re looking forward to playing more tracks from the album.

We caught up with Bernie Shaw who had only just returned from the band’s recent tour of Brazil. We talked about the tour, his observations of everyday life out in Brazil and the World Cup, Uriah Heep’s work ethic, Dave Rimmer the new bass player and how easily he slotted into the band following the passing of Trevor Bolder, how they went about recording the new album and what fans of Uriah Heep can look forward to with the new album ‘Outsider’.

Listen to our interview with Bernie Shaw:

Uriah Heep's Bernie Shaw talks to The Classic Rock Show by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

The release of ‘Outsider’ [EU: June 6th, UK: June 9th, NA: June 10th 2014] coincides with a Scandinavian tour and a number of summer festival appearances in mainland Europe, following which Uriah Heep will launch a world tour – including UK dates – as the band promotes the new album to an eager international audience.

This latest offering from THE hardest working rock band on the planet will not disappoint Heep fans. If you’re a fan of Classic Rock and straight up and down rock ‘n’ roll, then ‘Outsider’‘ is without doubt one of those albums that you simply must get.

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'The Opposites Of Light' album cover

Grog Rox from Die So Fluid talks about the new album, new videos, @AltFestival and a new way of working

Anyone who has seen Die So Fluid perform ‘live’, let alone heard their music, knows that the group are one of the most accomplished Alternative Rock acts around. Drew Richards (guitar), Al Fletcher (drums) and Grog Rox (bass and vocals) finally released their fourth album ‘The Opposites Of Light’.

Drew Richards, Grog Rox, Al Fletcher

Drew Richards, Grog Rox, Al Fletcher

There’s a greater depth and scope to the songwriting within the DSF camp than we’ve had before. The new recording techniques and practices employed on the album have pushed and developed the band both individually and collectively as musicians. This together with higher production values that are clearly evident on first-listening have, to my mind to my mind at least, made ‘The Opposites Of Light’ their best album to date. Audience reaction to the new songs that Die So Fluid performed here in the UK during their recent mini-tour have been positive to say the least.

We discussed the making of the album with Grog who went on to explain the reasons behind the time it took to release the album. We also talked about songwriting and the new ways of working since Grog now reside in the US, video shoots, as well as their appearance later this year at Alt-Fest.

Here’s the audio interview:-

Interview with Grog from Die So Fluid by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

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We talk to @BloodyHammers Anders Manga about ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ and #DownloadFest

Anders Manga of Bloody Hammers“Southern Gothic Fuzz from Transylvania County” is how they describe themselves and I got to talk with Anders Manga of Bloody Hammers about it. 

Our conversation took place shortly after it was announced they’d be playing Download Festival 2014. We talked about the band’s line-up, musical influences, an invitation from Phil Anselmo to play at his festival and the fact that they’ll soon be bringing their unique brand of Goth Rock to European shores soon.

This all coincides with the release of their upcoming album ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ which follows once more the dark paths populated by sinister characters and spectral apparitions. Dark Occult Rock with a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury is the main attraction of the show, when the master of ceremonies Anders Manga opens the gates to the nether world.”Under Satan’s Sun” is a multilayered album that resembles a classic horror flick from the 70s. An album filled with charm, big refrains and a classy atmosphere.

Bloody Hammers have just released a new video which has a bit of a background story to it. It’s based upon a true event which happened in the county many years ago, involving a husband and wife who were on the run from the authorities. Anders talks us through the story, a story which has become part of local folklore.

We’ll be playing some more Bloody Hammers on Thursday night’s show, so make sure you tune in on 15th May – 7pm (UK time) / 2pm EDT.

In the meantime, check out our audio interview:- 

Bloody Hammers' Anders Manga chats w/ The Classic Rock Show by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

Bloody Hammers 'Under Satan's Sun' tour poster

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I’m looking forward to seeing them at The Underworld in London when they hit the UK for the very first time. Hope to see you there!




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Escape from the Shadow Garden album cover

INTERVIEW: @Magnumonline_ Magnum’s Bob Catley talks to ‘The Classic Rock Show’

Magnum have released their 18th studio album ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ – out on SPV. In my humble opinion, it’s their best album since ‘Wings Of Heaven’. Tony Clarkin continues to be a driven artist; constantly writing, creating stories and soundscapes that draw you in and hold your attention until the very last note has been played. 

Magnum are one of those bands you just know before you see them ‘live’ that you’re going to get a good show. It’s evident from Magnum’s latest offering that they’ve hit on a rich vein of creativity and, given what I saw on stage the other night at The Waterfront in Norwich, the band are all clearly enjoying every minute of it. I’m of the opinion they’ve not been in better shape as a collective force – sounding better than ever.

bobSome hours before they took to the stage, I caught up with a very upbeat and enthusiastic Bob Catley and we soon got talking about the writing of ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’, the great reception the new album’s getting both from fans and critics, their setlist, band members, album artwork (once again provided by the amazing artist Rodney Matthews) and the current UK tour.


Bob gave us a great insight into the band that is Magnum – a quintessentially British rock band that has and continues to create some of the most memorable songs ever written and produced. A band whose music is enjoyed by generations of die-hard rock fans the world over.

Listen to the interview with Bob Catley here – do excuse the drone of the tour bus aircon:

Bob Catley of Magnum talks to TCRS by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

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Get ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ now. I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s a belter of an album!


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@TTM_Tweets Phil Campbell talks about Glasgow 2014, singles, new songs, tours and tour buses

We caught up with singer Phil Campbell of The Temperance Movement on the eve of their UK Tour. Phil was in fine form and didn’t shy away from sharing his opinion on matters which have been subject of much controversy over the past few weeks.

Our chat began by talking about living in his hometown, the city of Glasgow, and something which has touched the hearts of all Glaswegian’s recently. The impact hosting this years 20th Commonwealth Games is having on the city’s landscape and Phil expresses what most have felt about the future demolition of the Red Road flats.

Not only do The Temperance Movement kick-off their UK Tour today [21st April 2014], but they also release a new single ‘Take It Back’.

The decision to release the single is discussed as well as the Picture Disc release on vinyl of two Brit Pop tracks recorded at Abbey Road Studios in February – part of Record Store Day celebrations at the weekend.


The Temperance Movement have just completed a tour of mainland Europe and the feeling you get from listening to Phil is that they are very much looking forward to getting back in front of UK fans once again. 2013 was a big year for the group and by all accounts they are ready to push on in 2014; solidify their fanbase and treat new fans to their own brand of gutsy, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll.

It sounds as though we’ll be treated to a few new songs on this tour. Make sure you get out and see one of the most talked about UK rock bands in recent years.

Here’s the interview, which includes Phil’s take on the reliability of last year’s tour transportation. Enjoy.

The Temperance Movement's Phil Campbell talks to The Classic Rock Show by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

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Pontus Snibb - Wreck Of Blues-cover

INTERVIEW: @Bonafide’s Pontus Snibb talks to TCRS about ‘Wreck Of Blues’…

‘Wreck Of Blues’ is the latest solo album to be released by Bonafide’s Pontus Snibb. Recorded within three days with his father Håkan Nyberg on drums and taking care of business on the bass guitar is ex-Bonafide bass player and long-time friend, Micke Nilsson, the album has a very much stripped back and raw feel to it. Gentle and sometimes heavy nods towards blues alumni such as Peter Green, T-Bone Walker, Albert King can be heard.

On the day of its release, we spoke to Pontus Snibb who gave us, amongst other little snippets of information, a run down on how ‘Wreck Of Blues’ came about, how and where it was recorded and the blues guitarists that have influenced Pontus.


Here’s the interview:

Bonafide's Pontus Snibb talks to TCRS about his solo 'Wreck Of Blues' album by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

You can download the album ‘Wreck Of Blues’ through iTunes here. Visit the official Pontus Snibb website

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@TheBrewUK’s Tim Smith talks about producer @TobyJepson and the making of ‘Control’

The Brew have just returned from a highly successful tour of mainland Europe when, for the first time, they included tracks from their critically acclaimed album ‘Control’ in their setlist.

The BrewWe managed to catch up with Tim Smith during some downtime for the band to discuss how the album was put together, producer Toby Jepson‘s approach to recording The Brew, ‘Control’ song titles, reaction to the introduction to their setlist of album tracks and also their upcoming tour of the UK and Ireland.

If crowd reaction alone was anything to go by, then The Brew are a band which you simply must go and see perform ‘live’. The UK tour starts in May.

The Brew's Tim Smith talks about producer Toby Jepson and the making of 'Control' by Classicrockshow on Mixcloud

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