Your requests, PLUS new music from @LoveHateJizzy @SevenDeadly1 and @TheBrewUK. All set to go from 7pm (GMT) this Thursday!!


We’ve plenty to get through on this weeks show, thanks to a great response to our ‘Request-Line’, including a reference or two concerning a certain Mr Jimmy Page.

All that aside, as you well know by now I like to bring you something fresh. I’ve lined up three bands which have released or just about to release some new material. Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate ‘Crucified’ album has come at last (I’m looking forward to seeing them opening their UK tour next month in Norwich). We’ve also got some cuts from two groups which are set to release albums in February 2014 – The Brew and Seven Deadly.

As always, it’ll be like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot, but you can guarantee that for three hours on a Thursday night from 7pm, your time will be well spent listening to ‘The Classic Rock Show’…the show which has less talk and more ROCK!!


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Twitter: @ClassicRockShow
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Less talk, more rock!!

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